Our businesses and organizations are undergoing profound change, perhaps the most significant since the first industrial revolution. Each of these will demand employers to balance competing needs. Consider these issues around working practices, capitalism, the environment, and employee expectations.

Working practices are being reshaped by technological and social developments. Employers must learn to balance greater automation with greater family-friendly and work-life policies.

The role and purpose of business itself are under intense scrutiny and challenge. How will businesses balance generating wealth with ethical practices?

The environmental impact of business is seen as a major contributor to climate change. How do we act in the world and serve our customers globally and simultaneously reduce the negative externalities of commercial activity?

Employee expectations of work and career have been radically recast. The contemporary employer needs to cater to a workforce whose beneficial diversity means a new approach to meeting group and individual needs but also create a “one business” ethos that supports a unified sense of engagement for all.

The learning that we provide in organizations plays an important role in navigating the complexity these changes generate. As we imagine the future of learning, we need to ask these fundamental questions:

  • Why are we providing learning?
  • What learning should we provide?
  • Where should we provide it?
  • How do we need to provide it?
  • Who should we be providing for?


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