Having robust and consistent financial practices throughout a business is important at any time, but when you’re preparing to be presented for Initial Public Offering, it is essential.
This former nationalized industry would soon be facing scrutiny and its inner workings would be in the spotlight.
The client determined the need for a detailed training solution that could not only build capability in itself but could ensure that these capabilities were aligned to best practice and organizational strategic objectives.


We carefully designed and delivered interventions to reflect both the varied requirements of different groups and the need to ensure we offered a ‘whole business’ approach to financial management. The workshops, training sessions, and masterclasses took various forms, including:

  • Modules for key budget holders on how to monitor, forecast and manage budgets
  • Sessions for the Sales teams
  • Workshops for those making investment decisions
  • Commercial awareness modules for the Legal teams – including the implications of the privatization process
  • Training for Procurement teams to help them present financial information more effectively


The training enabled the client to sharpen key aspects of financial decision-making, as well as engender a change in the wider working culture.

A more “hands-on” approach was devised for some with our unique Kaplan Business Challenge simulation facilitating a cohesive learning experience for other specialist groups. A more technical approach allowed for new tools and techniques, as well as a chance to refresh the basics. Since implementing our specifically designed interventions, tools, and confidence that we helped embed, the client has observed an improvement in the overall financial performance of the business.

Furthermore, the positive assessment of the business’ financial decision-making made a positive contribution to the IPO process.