After restructuring the global finance team, the client was keen to ensure that the newly created Finance Business Partners had access to a development program which would equip them with the required skills.

The finance business partner role is a relatively senior one, with a span of responsibilities and often contributing to cross-functional decision making as well as leading a team. There are around fifty finance business partners globally, most of them had worked for the company for a while but were stepping up to take on this new role.

The company was also keen to support the principles of 70:20:10 and encourage its people to adopt ‘The Growth Mindset’ as they undertake these new roles.


Working collaboratively with the client and in order to support the delegates remotely, we devised a multi-modular program which would run over eighteen months. In order to support the program, we used a gamification platform to house content, facilitate discussions and run webinars.

Modules covered both technical topics such as structured problem solving and behavioral development such as modeling the leadership expectations. Each module had a work-based assignment in order to embed the learning, and the delegates also undertook a 360 survey. Line managers received coaching on how to support delegates and help them to interpret the 360 results. The program rounded off with group coaching sessions to support the learning culture created.


The structure of the program has created global business partner networks, helped to contribute to the creation of a learning culture, and has left an appetite for continued application, supported by peer-to-peer networks.

Positive feedback was received from both the delegates and the key stakeholders at the client.

“I believe this program will enhance my capabilities and knowledge and help me continue to improve the business partner relationships. Finally, it has enhanced my view of group strategy and plans.”

“Not just challenging for the sake of challenge, but to really add value to the organization – to keep focused on the main priorities and add support wherever and whenever I can.”