Being a large professional services firm, our client has a number of consultants for whom financial understanding is key. Most of their customer engagements involve a substantial amount of finance content, including basic bookkeeping, systems and control, budgetary review, financial analysis, and accounting treatment.

The consultants did not feel equipped with the financial knowledge and skills required to fully engage with their clients. Consistently, customers reported in their feedback that this lack of understanding undermined their experience of the consultancy service, and could have a negative impact on any future work or recommendations.


Tasked to deliver a 5-day highly interactive and practical program, we developed a “finance boot camp” designed to take the consultants from basic bookkeeping through to complicated business valuations, and everything in between.

The solution was tailored to the specific context in which participants operate every day, and it analyzed and addressed the developmental gaps identified by the organization.


Following a series of workshops, the firm noticed a significant improvement in client feedback and in employee satisfaction surveys.

The consultants were upskilled and increased their commercial and financial awareness, helping to raise the firm’s competitive advantage.

The program was so successful that it was integrated into their learning and development strategy and is now regarded as an essential workshop for all new consultants who join the firm.