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My Coach

Coaching For All

Kaplan Performance Academy’s My Coach element delivers online coaching in such a way that it is scalable, affordable, and accessible to every individual and to your entire organisation.

Our democratized coaching approach is built on a model that reinforces and prioritizes YOUR values—ensuring diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

A global network of accredited, high-quality coaches that have a range of expertise and business experience from a variety of countries, backgrounds, and cultures.


Meet Some of Our Coaches from all Corners of the World

Jodi Wellman

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Rocco Fanello

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Satish Mandora

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Nick Osborn

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Maria Albertina Fontana

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Marina Vishnyakova Nazarenko

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Coaching to Increase Performance

Coaching is aligned to a tailored learning pathway to increase performance and transfer skills back into the workplace.

  • Coaches are learning partners. They work with your people throughout their learning journey to offer support and knowledge
  • One-on-one online coaching scheduled conveniently whenever and wherever needed
  • Sessions are available on a range of devices, to suit the learners preferences

Choice Of Coach

The choice of coach provides your people with an empathic connection, made possible through chemistry sessions.

  • Coaches are available to support every individual in your organisation, from individual contributor to business leader
  • Access to an inclusive network of coaches located around the world representing a variety of cultures, languages, and business experiences
  • Coaching is about connection, so each coach has been personally selected and interviewed
Selecting a Coach on the KPA Platform

Affordable Coaching

Coaching is affordable at all levels of the business, balancing financial governance interests with the drive for top organisational performance.

  • Address performance challenges that hinder business success, and develop cost-effective and commercially-relevant coaching solutions
  • Coaching is dynamic, active, and focused, ensuring efficiency
  • Pre– and post–assessments enable the manager and organization to have clear evidence of the coaching impact on the individuals’ performance

True Power of Coaching
Use Kaplan Performance Academy's My Coach to encourage personal accountability and performance in the workplace.


Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

Kaplan Performance Academy

Is the only digital learning environment that combines assessments (My Results), tailored content (My Learning), and online coaching (My Coach) in one single platform.
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