We make learning work with our proven approach

Effective training requires collaboration-between the organisation, its people, and their learning partnerFor us, collaboration is essential. It helps us align your learning investment to your business strategy to reinforce learning governance and achieve the democratisation of learning.

Our “Trigger, Support, Embed” approach makes training programmes impactful and long-lasting. Thanks to our 80 years of expertise and hundreds of successful client partnerships, we make learning work.

The Kaplan Approach

We follow a proven methodology to create effective training programs that are tailored to your people and your organisation.


Start with the end in mind

How will this learning be used in your organisation? What do you need to affect long-term change? What do your employees need to succeed today and tomorrow?

This stage is all about collaboration and strategy: aligning learning investments to your global strategy to reinforce learning governance; understanding your culture and individual employees within your organisation; identifying challenges internally and in the market; defining goals and setting clear expectations and outcomes.


Customise journeys

Every organisation is different, and every employee is on a personal learning path. Only Kaplan delivers a learning journey unique to both—there’s nothing “off the shelf” about it. After a diagnostic phase, we put our solutions to work, combining technical and behavioural training with learning technologies for an all-round developmental experience.

From new hires and first-time managers to emerging leaders and senior executives, each employee will embark on a learning journey appropriate to their role, goals, and learning style to democratise learning within your organisation.


Enable change

A successful learning programme includes three stages—trigger, support, and embed.

A Kaplan-developed learning journey triggers your employees to evaluate their knowledge and rethink their role within the organisation. It gives them support and tools to grow in this new way of thinking and embeds their learning back into the organisation. Our experts will help you to implement a programme that does just that, utilising Kaplan’s exclusive learning model.


Define outcomes for lasting success

A mix of proprietary and industry-standard tools and metrics are used to evaluate the performance and outcomes of your learning programmes.

Your team will have real data and results to evidence the success of your investment—from professional development achievements to certification of completion. We assess the behavioural and technical competencies of your employees and map that data for you.

“The approach that Kaplan takes has always been focused on quality outcomes for clients. This manifests itself in a collaborative approach… this is refreshing, highly effective and brings out the best.”
– Head of L&D, Global Financial Services Firm
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