Kaplan 21: The Confident New Hire

Onboard Your New Hires With Kaplan Performance Academy

Our working and personal lives have undergone radical change. New hires are joining the workforce with different expectations, training needs, and demands. We’re tasked with ensuring new colleagues feel connected and valued in a changed world.

The 4 Ds That Changed Everything


At every level, businesses have been fundamentally changed. Business functions have had to reshape themselves in the midst of disruption. How have we managed this and what does it mean for the future?


With furloughs, pay cuts, and job losses all around, employees need to renew their shared purpose. How do we re-engage and regain our teams’ trust?


The migration to digital has been fast but not always smooth. How can we learn to manage, mentor, collaborate, and create effectively in a digital environment?


Future business success includes recognising the demand for a more inclusive and diverse workplace—and meeting it. How do we become truly inclusive?

A New Hire Programme That Connects, Engages, and Prepares New Employees in 2021

Reinvented workplaces call for a reinvented approach to onboarding new employees. Your new hires will need skills around self-management, resilience, and working with ambiguity. The Kaplan 21: The Confident New Hire programme addresses the realities of life as a new employee. With gritty examples and honest guidance, this new employee onboarding programme reassures new hires and develops their confidence. This new hire training programme will help them approach their professional lives with agility, empathy, and a willingness to operate in an ever changing environment. At the same time, they’ll grow in confidence to seek out a career that fulfils them as an individual and allows them to work effectively as a valued team member.

Your New Hire Today is Your Leader Tomorrow.

Kaplan 21: The Confident New Hire Programme Includes Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform


Hitting the Ground Running

How to survive and thrive from the outset, create and leverage networks, understand your purpose, and win.

All Things You

Take a deep-dive and explore who you are: your personality traits, how you make decisions, and what holds you back in order to relate to others effectively.

Perform in the Storm

Understand how you can measure your success, handle feedback and learn from it.

Showing Up Like You Mean It

How ready do you feel when you show up to participate, rather than sit on the safe sidelines? It’s time to make an impact.

Working With Humans

Great teams don’t happen by accident; learn to have meaningful, team-building moments.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Learn how volatile, complex, and ambiguous times affects business performance and why “being agile” is more than a buzzword.

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

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