Learning and Development Solutions

We listened to our clients, picked the best of learning science, and created an approach that makes learning work. It works because we think of learning as a career journey that is designed, mapped, and delivered in a personalized way and in accordance with the organization’s needs.

Our journeys begin with understanding your vision and assessing your learning priorities. We then provide a carefully curated mix of technical and behavioral development within one coherent learning environment. Finally, we measure the difference we make and advise on a strategy for long-term success.

Your trusted partner

Kaplan's 80 years' of professional learning solutions experience worldwide has brought us to this point today: the best position possible to help you assess, inspire, and lead your teams to success.
The only way to affect change is to truly understand the gaps you have to address and the talent you are working with. Our tools assess the competence and confidence of the teams in charge of your future.
Give each team member the best chance of success with the best professional development possible. Kaplan tailors each individual’s learning journey to develop their technical skills and behaviors so their performance aligns with your organization's goals.
Kaplan Performance Academy is the only global digital learning environment that delivers assessments, tailored content, and online coaching to meet specific organizational challenges and enhance the performance of your people through one single platform.
Training sales managers with Kaplan creates a multiplier effect on the performance of your sales organization. Your managers develop key behavioral and technical skills and are then enabled to cascade their learning into their teams.
"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend partnering with Kaplan on any learning program, and I am glad they keep managing this program every year."
– Director, Planning Consultancy
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