Behavioral and Technical Development

Unlock potential and enable performance

Kaplan is in the unique position to offer comprehensive learning and development programs that combine “soft” and “hard” skills, developing technical competence and behavioral confidence.

Strengthen your teams, nurture high-potential talent, develop future leaders, and meet your strategic goals by choosing the best in employee development. Kaplan programs focus on these elements and more:

  • Sharing organizational values, practices, and culture
  • Adapting behavior related to conduct, teamwork, and decision making
  • Developing new skills specific to the roles today and in the future
  • Setting expectations for performance
  • Developing and maintaining effective communication
  • Promoting strategic thinking

Flexible, accelerated learning

The Kaplan programs combine face-to-face sessions, online learning, on-the-job assignments, self-study, and the use of coaches and mentors. The experience is shaped to align with your organization’s goals, requirements, and strategy. Using Kaplan’s Trigger, Support, Embed approach, people are challenged, inspired, and able to add greater value in the workplace more quickly.

The experience to effectively develop people

With more than 80 years of experience in helping organizations develop their people, we understand and can help with some of the most common training challenges:

  • Employees understand the organizational values and feel a culture “fit.” They learn how to be effective in their specific role on the team and how being a good team member can sometimes require being a good “follower.”
  • Behavioral learning requires self-awareness on the path to building a personal brand. Learners come to understand how accepting and leveraging critical personal feedback helps build resilience for succeeding in demanding environments.
  • Learners develop the technical skills they need to excel, including developing the required financial and decision-making skills.
  • Employees learn to set realistic expectations around progression, promotion, and salary as they better understand the organizational impact of their performance—both good and bad.
  • Learners are supported by the Kaplan team, their mentors, and leadership all along the way to help turn their opportunities into long-term career success.

Kaplan tailors employee development to address both the existing talent and the gap identified through the diagnostic process. Expert trainers, engaging delivery methods, relevant content, and customized resources transform the learning experience—and the learners themselves.

We develop talent at every level

Kaplan accelerates and directs the development of professional and leadership skills at every level in your talent pipeline.

“It was a resounding success. Everything was pitched at the right level, and the (team members) are still talking about it.”
– Director, Multinational Management Consulting Firm
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