Diagnostics and Self Assessments

The Kaplan difference begins with diagnostics and assessments

The only real way to effect change of any kind is to first understand what needs to change. Our diagnostics and self-awareness assessments do just that. So together with you, we can create learning programs that are specifically designed to address the gaps and identify hidden talent.

Our range of diagnostics and assessments provides you with quantitative and qualitative data to assess needs, direct learning, and measure results.

Beyond a test, it’s a developmental experience

For each member of the team, our diagnostics are the first stage of a holistic learning journey for career development. Every individual receives personalized feedback and is directed to appropriate and helpful learning resources.

Identify priorities to optimize learning investments

Whether you want to identify risk, appraise capabilities, or evaluate a program, the Kaplan Diagnostics range will address your business needs.

Our tailored confidence-based diagnostics and self-awareness assessments include:

  • Business Acumen
  • Financial Literacy
  • Financial Business Partnering
  • Problem-Solving and Decision Making
  • Leadership Culture
  • 180° and 360° Surveys
  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture and Conduct
Measuring competence and confidence

Kaplan’s two-dimensional diagnostic provides richer technical and behavioral data. First, the tailored online tool accurately assesses competency in strategic areas. Then, individuals report their level of confidence in each of their responses.

This in-depth analysis allows for customized and targeted training designed to close the learning gap.

Data-driven organizational planning

Relevant data directs—and justifies—investments in learning. Organizational heatmaps and individual reports give you the data you need to target your learning investment to where it counts, aligning your people development with your commercial strategy.

  • The C-suite level dashboard illustrates summary data and delivers results in real time
  • Extensive reports provide heatmaps showing both best and riskiest practices
  • Organization-wide goals, benchmarks, and best practices are identified
  • Learning journeys addressing a central, targeted issue are shaped
  • Time and financial investment and priorities become clear

‘Kaplan Commercial Acumen’

“This diagnostic tool has allowed a unique means of testing both technical competence and behavioral confidence … It also gives leadership a rich picture of skills levels in the target group and will help us to develop targeted interventions to address any gaps.”
– Deputy Director, Government Finance Academy
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