Go Beyond
simple formal assessment
Kaplan’s confidence-based diagnostics help organizations identify and measure critical gaps between your employees’ confidence in their own skills versus competence shown in their productivity. In other words, what they actually know versus what they think they know.

Kaplan’s Two-Dimensional Diagnostic

Our two-dimensional diagnostic provides richer technical and behavioral data. First, the tailored online tool accurately assesses competency in strategic areas. Then, individuals report their level of confidence in each of their responses.

This in-depth analysis allows for customized and targeted training designed to close the learning gap.

Beyond a test, it's a developmental experience.

For each member of the team, our diagnostics are the first stage of a holistic journey for career development. Every individual receives personalized feedback and is directed to appropriate and helpful learning resources.

Real Results… Relative to Your Business

No two businesses are exactly alike. Just like your employees, they have a unique blend of strengths and weaknesses. Kaplan’s approach researches both quantitative and qualitative data to provide a more comprehensive training needs analysis specific to your business.

  • Data-driven insights into performance gaps to prioritize and target skill development where it’s needed most.
  • Clear identification of individuals and groups who require specific and necessary types of training.
  • Personalized development feedback to improve productivity.
  • Detailed measurements of both pre- and post-training effectiveness.
  • Heat maps to identify, prioritize, and target development.

KAPLAN DIAGNOSTICS™ Confidence vs. Competence Framework

The diagnostic provides clear benchmarks that can be compared at individual, team, or business levels. In-depth reporting capabilities include heat maps, group reports, individual reports, and regional reports to provide you with an in-depth training and development needs analysis.

A series of scenarios addressing a specific context of your business
are presented in two ways to the individual.
Results are analyzed using extensive proprietary algorithms and our learning expertise to assess an individual’s knowledge and predicted behavior tendencies, illustrated through personalized reports and organizational heat maps
Learning interventions are designed by Kaplan or your internal teams, tailored to the identified development priorities.
Administer diagnostic as post-program assessment to measure training and
demonstrate ROI.
Imagine If You Could….
  • Identify skills gaps among employees
  • Uncover and pinpoint hidden talent
  • Ensure competency (vs completion of learning)
  • Balance innovation with managing cost
  • Demonstrate ROI and link learning to business impact
You can, with Kaplan DiagnosticsTM

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