Kaplan Performance Academy

Learn. Develop. Perform.

Kaplan Performance Academy provides the learning experiences, the technology, and the expertise to enhance professional performance in the workplace—at scale and at pace. It offers a suite of learning tailored to the individual’s needs, including practical on-the-job assignments, one-on-one access to a coach, and powerful self-assessment tools.

How Kaplan Performance Academy makes learning work.

Unique combination of learning experiences, technology, and expertise.

Bringing together Kaplan’s global resources to drive performance and development in the workplace.

  • Access to a diverse and global network of coaches drawn from a range of cultures, languages, and areas of professional expertise.
  • All our coaches are accredited by professional bodies and are selected on the basis of their experience and skills.
  • Practical learning resources offer a range of learning experiences, providing practical, contextualized insights and tools to support the application of new skills in the workplace.
  • Coaching supports performance. Coaches work with the learners on a one-to-one basis to prepare, problem solve, and support them in the application of their new learning.

Develop talent at every level, at scale, at pace.

From new hires to senior leaders, we provide role-relevant and career-enhancing learning and coaching.

  • Accessible, practical, and bite-sized content that can fit into the busiest of days to solve the problem at hand.
  • Coaching sessions suit the learner’s schedule. Our coaches are available to the learner through a self-booking system.
  • Learning that is targeted and tailored. Performance assessments make sure that the right learning is provided to the people who need it most, when they need it.
  • Data assesses progress and measures effect. Diagnostics and assessments track the progress of your people in real time.

Prioritize and manage your learning investment.

Whether you are developing a new learning program or adding to an existing program, it’s essential that the development strategy of your people supports your organizational goals.

  • Learning is a measurable and meaningful investment for your entire organization when you connect it to your commercial goals.
  • Your strategic objectives will drive the learning which is why our outcomes-based approach means that all your learning will be designed to drive organizational as well as personal performance.
  • Achieve transparency for your learning investment with these management dashboard features: real-time data on each learner’s progress against the organization’s goals, learner engagement, and, most importantly, your running costs.
  • Determine the value of the learning and the return on your investment with a wealth of assessments, progress tracking, and performance data.

Performance support available on any device at any time ... when it’s needed, where it’s needed.


Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

Develop People, Develop Capability, Develop Resilience

In these times of disruption and challenge, now more than ever, professional training and development needs to be relevant, efficient, and effective.

Developing your people’s skills, knowledge, and behaviors to adapt to change, to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, and to manage themselves was never more relevant.

Learning Resources

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