Kaplan Performance Academy:
My Learning

Accessible, Relevant, and Tailored Learning

If ever there was a time to utilize learning as a tool to restore the confidence in your people, it is now. My Learning provides a library of digital content that is accessible, relevant, and tailored to the individual needs of your learners.

Learning Developed to Deliver Performance

Access learning that has been curated by learning experts specifically for your organization.


Each learner has access to role-relevant resources tailored to their needs. They are given immersive workplace assignments and activities to help embed new skills and behaviors by applying them in their day-to-day work

  • Content that is dynamic, sharp, and focused in a diverse library of multimedia assets offering engaging, immersive experiences
  • Learning that is built for convenience and flexibility available on any device so learners can tap into resources on-demand, and learn at their own pace
  • Learning that meets the needs of all, and is always fit for purpose targeted assessments address skill gaps, so learning pathways remain relevant and focused


Learning becomes a strategy to build trust with your people, allowing them to feel valued, well-prepared, and confident to apply newly learned skills.

  • Develop skills and knowledge that align personal performance and business-critical needs
  • Improve technical skills and build behavioral confidence that can be applied within professional roles
  • Kaplan’s strategic partnership gives access to an expanded library of learning content, including a world-renowned Financial Modeling course from the Marquee Group, to guide your teams to make informed, effective decisions

Learning Governance

Easily track how much is being spent—where, on whom, and for what purpose.

  • Manage your employee’s learning journey with full oversight to monitor how it is being utilized in your business
  • Learning is a channel to communicate organizational priorities where you can involve line managers in all stages of the journey to align everyone to shared strategic goals
  • Track learning progress and understand the business impact of your training investment with access to real-time data on the learner’s development

Learning Designed to Meet the Needs of All

On-the-job assignments, one-to-one coaching, and a suite of self-assessment tools to encourage and enable individual progress available on any device, so learners can tap into resources on-demand and learn at their own pace.

We present learners with a powerful suite of resources relevant to the areas of development they—and their manager—have identified.

These bite-sized learning experiences are available on any device and in a variety of formats, including high-quality videos, animations, job aids, articles, podcasts, and more.

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

Kaplan Performance Academy

Is the only digital learning environment that combines assessments (My Results), tailored content (My Learning), and online coaching (My Coach) in one single platform.
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