Sales Leadership Training

Develop your sales leaders and see success multiply

Leaders understand the need to invest in sales training. Working with Kaplan enables you to achieve the strongest return on that investment.

Our Sales Leadership Training:

  • Develops both the technical and behavioral skills of your sales leaders
  • Offers your leaders and managers the ability to drive results within their teams
  • Integrates training with your internal processes and methodologies
  • Provides the most appropriate supporting technology and tools for ongoing training

Integrating sales training with sales process

Most sales training is developed independently of the sales process. Kaplan focuses on behavioral and technical learning to help your sales managers execute and coach the sales processes you have already established.

Targeting and improving sales performance

Sales managers who have completed effective sales training create a “multiplier effect” on the performance of the entire organization.

Coaching sales teams is important, but today, strong technical and leadership skills are needed for sales managers to be effective. Kaplan develops both and combines them with technology that enables practice and feedback for sustainable outcomes.

Sales training that delivers real impact toward organizational goals requires learning programs that work. When sales managers take the skills, behaviors, and processes they’ve learned and share that through the effective coaching of their teams, forward progress happens.

Embedding sales best practices with technology

Technology makes it more practical for managers to coach their sales teams. Kaplan utilizes innovative digital tools to drive ongoing learning so that your teams can rely on their sales managers to deliver consistent training and move the organization forward, reducing the need for external facilitators and events. 

“It was an excellent training session, tailored to our jobs and very well executed. Happy to hear Kaplan will be returning to deliver more is definitely the standard I expected.”
– Leadership Executive, Regulator
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