Democratized Learning

Democratized learning involves all employees

You know your employees have tremendous knowledge and experience. And their peers know it too. Democratized learning expands the source of input and ideas to include employees throughout the organization. Qualifying and sharing knowledge from those who are most directly connected to customers, products and services, allows others to learn from it and improve.

Most organizations see the benefits in a more democratic approach to information dissemination, but finding the opportunities and structuring the process is difficult. Kaplan can help you ensure you get quality information that will best serve you. We identify and recruit the teams, design the event, develop the questions, conduct the sessions, analyze the results and integrate the findings with your overall learning program.

Democratized learning uncovers powerful practices that can be used across the organization. It also encourages a feeling of ownership among participants who believe strongly in the directives they helped shape.

The benefits of democratized learning

Leveraging employees knowledge, ideas and input into best practices strengthens the outcomes, builds ownership and enhances credibility for the rest of the team.
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