Programs that support critical skills and behaviors.

We understand that there are certain critical skills and behaviors that need to be developed to drive business performance and help your employees to perform at their best. Which is why we created specialist programs that can address the pressing challenges faced by your people, teams and organization.

Will Your Organization Thrive in 2021—and Beyond?
Kaplan 21 Programs Prepare Your Managers and New Hires for the Next Normal

Kaplan 21: The Resilient Leader

In 2020 We Needed To Manage Change. In 2021 We Need To Change How We Manage.

Give your managers the confidence and skills they need to re-engage a bruised workforce and create a culture of inclusion, support and productivity.

Kaplan 21: The Confident New Hire

Your New Hire Today is Your Leader Tomorrow.

Onboard your new-hires with a program that helps create connection, ensure new-hires feel valued, and helps them navigate ambiguity.

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

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