Foundations of Data Literacy Online Course

Our Foundations of Data Literacy Program will provide your employees with the skills to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data and give them the tools to confidently use data to drive business decisions. This learning journey is designed for all individuals (both non-technical and technical) who are not data professionals.

Foundations of Data Literacy is available online on Kaplan Performance Academy, wherever you are connected. This versatile digital platform hosts and co-ordinates learning, mentoring and performance trackers.

The Data Literacy Learning Journey

Performance Tracker Learning Resources Knowledge Checks & Workplace Activity Performance Tracker
Start with the 180 Performance Tracker to take a ‘snapshot’ of understanding and ability to apply data literacy. Watch, listen and learn through key topics and modules. Put to practice newly acquired knowledge and apply it in a real-life context with activities and knowledge checks. A final Performance Tracker shows a ‘snapshot’ of where participants have reached, as a result of completing the training.
Our masterclasses (Professional package) support participants, provide formative feedback and drive engagement and accountability

What makes our Financial Modeling Program different? Our international network of technical mentors whose real-world experience helps learners apply their learning to their day-to-day work. Mentors work with your people in a group setting throughout their learning journey, offering support and challenge to maximize the transference of learning.

This data course is designed to stay at an accessible level that feels practical for foundational, non-data professionals


Professional Package Entry Package
The Foundation of Data Literacy Learning Assets
Pre & Post 180 Performance Tracker
Workplace Activity
Premium Mentoring: Three 60-minute Group ‘Masterclass’ sessions led by a subject matter expert

Make Strong Data-Driven Decisions

The Foundations of Data Literacy program helps organizations to capitalize on how they use their data to make informed data-driven decisions. Connect the dots between the data understanding already attained, and tie it together with professional expertise to create powerful stories and make informed decisions.

Program Outcomes:

  • Explain how data has been used to change business
  • Choose appropriate metrics and data visualizations to answer business problems
  • Identify and avoid common mistakes while reading metrics and data visualizations
  • Evaluate alternative paths of action using data informed by intuition and expertise
  • Recognize when to seek assistance from a data professional and to do so confidently

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

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