Kaplan 21: The Resilient Leader

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Our working and personal lives have undergone radical change. In our uncertain environment, even the most effective managers may feel vulnerable or wonder if their skills translate to our new work environment.

The 4 Ds That Changed Everything


Businesses have been fundamentally changed at all levels. In the midst of disruption, business functions have had to be reimagined. How do we manage this and what does the future hold?


With temporary closures, salary cuts, and job losses, we need to renew employees’ shared purpose. How do we re-engage our teams and regain their trust?


Migrating to a digital environment has been fast and sometimes tumultuous. How do we manage, guide, create, and collaborate most effectively in a digital world?


Success for businesses now means recognizing the demand for a diverse and inclusive workplace—and meeting it. How do we begin to be truly inclusive?

Leading Teams, Businesses, and People During Uncertainty

Building new skills is essential for our team leaders. Leading in a digital world requires creativity and adaptability. The Kaplan 21: The Resilient Leader program gives your managers the confidence and management skills they need to create a culture of inclusion, motivation, and productivity. This leadership development program helps managers become agile and resilient so they can lead with confidence in a constantly evolving environment.

In 2020 We Needed To Manage Change. In 2021 We Need To Change How We Manage.

Kaplan 21: The Resilient Leader Program Includes Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform


Take Advantage of Disruption

Shift your perspective to harness the power of disruption. Enhance team cohesion, individual performance, and business outcomes by taking a proactive approach to managing disruption in your organization.

Build Endurance to Beat Pandemic Fatigue

Build the capacity to withstand, overcome, and bounce back from challenges. Explore ways to build endurance in yourself and your team to excel through difficult times.

Re-Energize and Rally Your Team

Lead teams with shared purpose, values, and capabilities. Then, build and apply the benefits of a strong team identity in a virtual workplace.

Confront Change With Confidence

Adapt with confidence so you and your team can learn quickly, tackle difficult problems in a changing environment, and operate with agility.

Inspire Trust and Trust in Others

Lead authentically to create a culture of trust and inclusion within your team. Drive innovation and appropriate risk-taking necessary during times of disruption.

Make Meaningful Connections

Understand why staying connected matters, and forge real connections in a complex, networked environment to drive personal and team results.

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

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