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Discover your people's potential, unlock their hidden talent, and drive your organisation's performance with Kaplan Leadership and Professional Development.

Through our digital learning solutions along with our training expertise, we deliver the perfect online training solution to guarantee a seamless learning journey for your employees.

Introducing our
Nationals' Development Programme

The programme offers young hires and high potential national talent an opportunity to upskill by developing behavioural insight as well as technical excellence.

Candidates are evaluated based on industry recognised personality and skills assessment tools which in turn help create customised learning journeys that propel their growth. Each learning journey includes a variety of interventions needed to improve their performance, aligned to the organisational culture and values

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Kaplan solutions

Leadership and professional development solutions that inspire your employees and impact the future of your organisation.

Successful learning solutions don’t come off a shelf

With over 80 years of experience to our credit, we are dedicated to forging long-term relationships with our clients – strategic relationships focused on learning expertise and client focus. Our learning solutions are driven by innovative diagnostics and aligned with the strategy of your organisation to ensure learning governance. They are based on research and tailored to the needs of each employee to achieve true democratisation of learning. They challenge traditional thinking, trigger change, and uncover potential to deliver tangible and sustainable outcomes.

And they come from Kaplan.

"It has been a real delight working with this high performance supplier which certainly lives up to its quality reputation. We are already looking at working with Kaplan again for similar caliber offerings."
– HR Director, Health Organisation

The Kaplan approach

For the team at Kaplan Leadership & Professional Development, what’s most important is that of ensuring that your organization performs at its highest potential. For this, we offer effective training for your entire workforce, right from your newest employee to your top executives. Each year, we help hundreds of professionals across the world enhance their skills through ample learning and efficient development.

We follow a proven methodology to create effective training programmes that are tailored to your people and your organisation.

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