Nationals’ Development Programme

Developing The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Whilst all GCC countries are implementing reforms to make employment of National citizens a priority, a shortfall of qualified professionals in different sectors is still hampering recruitment and hiring Nationals just to achieve the numbers is not a viable solution.

At Kaplan, we want to make a difference by playing our role in meeting the rising learning and development needs of the National workforce.

Collaboratively customised for your industry, organisation
and people

Designed to develop behavioural insight alongside technical excellence

Delivery includes a holistic mix of facilitation mediums and tools

Use of industry recognised personality and skills assessment tools

Facilitated by Kaplan’s regional as well as global subject matter experts

Measure training impact using globally recognised evaluation methodologies

Specialised Solutions

Our aim is to prepare your employees to deal effectively with the adaptive challenges, by providing them the necessary skills and tools which are needed to reflect and discover. Through these targeted programmes, we can empower them and propel them towards growth.

Kaplan’s National Development Programme


To prepare this next generation of future leaders we have developed two highly specialised training and development programmes that are both individually nourishing and organisationally relevant. They will each enable promising Nationals to make a valuable contribution to the nation’s knowledge economy whilst also achieving personal fulfillment and growth.

Judhur   جذور

Our Judhur Programme aims to develop new hires and young National graduates to move forward on their career development path with a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt to the culture of your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhanced competence and confidence as an individual contributor
  • Effective decision-making skills that broaden professional judgment
  • Enrichment of professional identity and behaviours encouraged in the business
  • Better understanding of the organisational context and financial literacy

Jadara   جدارة

The Jadara Programme aims to develop your high-potential National talent and set them out on a path to becoming emerging leaders. To ensure their success, we deploy a powerful two-pronged approach.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased financial dexterity and a deeper understanding of commercial acumen
  • Utilization of tools and strategies to make effective decisions
  • Effective presentation of technical information to non-technical stakeholders
  • Refinement of leadership identity to ensure alignment with organisational goals
Delivery methodology
  • Psychometrics and skills assessments
  • English Language assessments
  • Business Simulations
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • On the job learning and projects
  • Instructor-led group activities

Example of a Learning Journey

This learning journey can be customised to industry, organisation and functional needs. It can also plug-in with an existing training programme

Download English and Arabic Brochure

Benefits of the Programme

For the Candidates

  • A comprehensive learning and development journey that combines soft and hard skills to build technical competence and behavioural confidence
  • Self- directed study, supported by curated learning resources
  • Integrated mentoring and coaching support
  • A personalised career development plan that has organizational relevance
  • A blended and innovative approach to learning using both digital technology and traditional delivery options

For the Organisation

  • Consistent and constant connectivity between the learning and the organisation’s corporate strategy
  • A learning strategy that is agile, matches societal expectations and is culturally aligned
  • Sustainability and Value for Money: ROI metrics to track how the new skills and behaviours are being embedded
  • Access to our unique diagnostic capabilities to help identify and prioritise learning, unlock hidden talent and measure impact
  • We will work with you in partnership to reinforce learning governance and define outcomes for lasting success
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