Kaplan Performance Academy:
My Results

Your Strategic Assessment Toolkit

Align learning to business objectives, prioritize your L&D spend, and evaluate the business impact of your training investment. Utilize assessments and diagnostics to measure the skills and knowledge your business needs now.

Learning is an Investment

It’s time to transform your organisation through assessment-driven learning.

Bringing the Learner and Manager Together

The assessment provides the learner and their manager with the data and insights to benchmark the learner’s current performance and to set appropriate goals and targets.

  • Developing a learning culture with manager engagement is essential to a supportive and effective learning environment, encouraging accountability and commitment
  • Utilize insights and data from the assessment to inform coaching sessions, ensuring the learner’s work is focused on the individual’s developmental needs and the organisation’s requirements

Prioritizing Learning Needs; Personalizing Learning Experiences

Data from assessments is used to tailor learning to individual and organisational needs.

  • Benchmarking skills, informing learning. The assessment provides data to track the learner’s progress and also can be aggregated to reveal insights by role, level, business unit or region
  • Oversight into real time data to see what is working and what isn’t. Targeting your time and resources where they are needed has never been easier


Kaplan Professional Academy results dashboard
Kaplan Performance Academy dashborad results

Insight and Data to Assess Business Impact

My Results gives you the tools to track and evaluate the difference that learning makes to your organisational performance.

  • Providing performance data at individual, team and business levels giving you the data you need to assess progress and performance at every stage
  • Inform your training investment and make the most of your training budget by targeting your resources where they are most needed
  • See where money is being spent by tracking all your learning and development costs

Learning, Coaching, and Assessment in One Digital Platform

Kaplan Performance Academy

Is the only digital learning environment that combines assessments (My Results), tailored content (My Learning), and online coaching (My Coach) in one single platform.
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