Trigger, Support, Embed

Embedded learning for sustainable performance

Our Leadership and Development programmes follow the Trigger, Support, Embed approach. Why? For one key reason: return on investment. These three steps ensure training is relevant to your organisation and your people, sustained beyond the programme, and transferred back into the workplace.


Kaplan programmes trigger learning by placing participants in unfamiliar and challenging situations. These provocative new experiences make people rethink their roles and relationships with colleagues and the organisation.


Coaching, mentoring, group activities, business simulations, and learning material provide people with the tools and support to think through their trigger experiences and take control of their own learning journey for true career development.


Developing learning out of context does not make a lasting difference; so, the most important step is identifying ways to help people sustain new skills and behaviours, from project work to mentoring and coaching.

‘Trigger, Support, Embed’

Featuring Dr. Ian Stewart
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